STUK is a Dutch Foundation founded in 2005 by young people in Amsterdam West. It is a centre where young people fight violation of there rights. They do this with video, film, book, theater, website, reverse graffiti etc. There is a special focus on child abuse and domestic violence. Only young people can work at STUK on their own projects to inform other young people.

ENGLISH VERSION: ‘HOME & SO’ – episode 31 – Chocolate Sprinkles

A very short fiction movie . A so-called episode of the soap opera ‘HOME & SO ” about a mother and her two daughters. What starts out as a soap opera ends as harsh reality. Click here to see the movie on YouTube.

STUK Theater
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At first, each of us thought that he or she was the only one. That isn’t true. Every day, hundreds of thousands of children and youngsters are abused, neglected or experience domestic violence in Holland and Belgium; or have to deal with...

STUKVIDEO ENGLISH S.T. – CLARA – at home the tension was unbearable

My parents divorced. At home the tension was so unbearable. No one said a word for sometimes 5 days! The way my parents treated eachother, and thereby us, was horrifying! Espacially my brother had a very hard time. It is important that your parents...

STUKVIDEO ENGLISH S.T. – ROXANE / domestic violence – I didn’t do anything

One night, Roxane stayed at her friend's house when her friend's father started to abuse the mother in the next room. Roxane and her friend were only 9 years old. Her friend told her they would stop if she and Roxane would step in....